Conversion rate optimization

Web performance at it's finest.

When you are generating traffic, whether through online advertising or social media advertising, you want your visitors to accomplish a specific goal.

Our team develops landing pages or works on specific pages of your site to improve your results. We then test variations to maximize performance.


Optimize your pages for conversion

Increase traffic on landing pages that are specifically made for your online ads. Make a personnalised user experience to your crowd. This way people quickly find what they are looking for and will tend to convert easily. This type of page is an integral part of the CRO.


A/B Testing

Improve your conversion rates by measuring your control pages against new modified version according to specific data. By applying systematic changes while relying on measurable statistical data, we can make more informed decisions that do not rely on a gut feeling. These A/B tests can touch the images used, text, position of your elements, etc. The CRO is an important task to achieve a high conversion rate.


What's a conversion for my company?

Each company has it's own reality, what's yours? Our team works with many industries that allow us to better understand the realities of each and every one of them. Each entity has a different definition of a conversion. Here are a few :

  • Online payment (via e-commerce)
  • Request for submission
  • Contact form
  • Consulting an important page in your website (Goal)
  • Video (View)
  • Subscribe to an eNewsletter
  • Subscribe to a member area (forum or other)
  • Download a PDF document, e-book, etc.

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