By : Nicolas Rabouille

06 june 2017

How to build your Facebook ads.

Many entrepreneurs realize that Facebook Advertising is a must to increase the visibility, credibility and sales of their business.

Facebook Ads are accessible to everyone with a 'Business Page' and Facebook often tickle us with this famous notification: '' Your publication '' X '' performs 90% better than the others! Try to promote it to increase the results! ''

Every time I see this notification, I say to myself: '' Nice Try Facebook, but I will not waste my money in your nonsense! ''


However, all page administrators do not necessarily have my knowledge and fall into the panel. After a year, we could have wasted thousands of dollars in "Boost posts" which, in the end, were useless.

Organically, when you create a publication on our Facebook page, only 2% of all fans of the page are exposed to publication. If the 2% of your fans like your content, the scope of your publication naturally increases in relation to the commitment rate on your publication (Likes, comments, shares)

he post boost allows, by investing a little money, to increase your natural range depending on the amount invested. "Boost post" may, in some cases, be relevant. But to acquire a notoriety or new customers online, this is not the best strategy. That's why I want to show you how to properly do your Facebook ads.


Have a sales funnel

The best way to increase your online visibility or sales is to have a well thought out sales funnel.

The general idea is to show good advertisements to the right people. Let me explain :

Everyone is in a "buying stage" or a "minding" in relation to your brand on the internet:

Not interested in your products
May be interested in you product, but do not know your brand
Is interested in your products but is not ready to buy
Is interested in your products and is willing to buy

Each "stage of purchase" must be treated differently and the message that is presented to it must be adapted.

Here is a concrete example of sales funnel applied on different audiences with an ad campaign for an online trade of motorcycle equipment.


Not interested in your products


Although it may seem logical, it is important to know your audience well and not to advertise to an audience that is not interested in our motorcycle parts.

That's why it's important to target people with an interest in motorcycles or having a motorcycle and to exclude people who are not in your target audience.


May be interested in you product, but do not know your brand

People with an interest in motorcycle, may be interested in buying one of your helmets. However, they do not know you and present them with a product with a price and a call to action like 'Buy Now' will most likely be a failure.

In this advertisement, I would target people with an interest in the bike with a life style ad. Maybe a beautiful photo of motorcycle rally with a call to action like: '' Discover our new high-end equipment ''.

The goal of this advertisement would be to increase our visibility to the motorcycle fans by accumulating new fans to our Page and sending traffic to our website so that people search a little through our products.


Is interested in your products but is not ready to buy

Once exposed to our brand, the majority of people who "liked" our page or visited our website will not have made any transactions. We can know this by having adequate conversion tracking.

Maybe he went on our site or our Facebook page and liked his experience but still wants to shop a little more before committing to a purchase.

For this type of audience, we make "remarketing" by exposing an advertisement to him between 1 and 7 days following his visit on the site showing him the different products that he has shopped on our site. A bit like Amazon does when you shop a pair of headphones.


Is interested in your products and is willing to buy

The highest paying target audience! It has already been exposed to your brand, it visited your website a few times and is ready to buy.

How do I know if it is really ready to buy? With the help of the Pixel Facebook, we can create a very accurate advertising audience: People who have been on our site, who have added a product to their shopping cart but have not bought.

This is the last step of our funnel. A very nested target audience who is hot to buy our products!

This audience will be exposed to the exact product that it has added to its basket, with, sometimes, a small bonus: free shipping or percentage discount on their order.

This audience is extremely hot to buy and it is only missing the pat on the shoulder to buy your products.

In conclusion, Facebook ads, with an adequate strategy can quite easily become your wartime nerve in your online sales. As long as you do not fall into the boost posts panel!


- Nicolas Rabouille AKA The man sausage

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