By : Ewolis

24 may 2017

Focus on local seo.

More and more owners want to use local SEO in order to have a better position on the search engines and particularly Google. Before making a decision, it is important to consider some elements. Here is a focus on the subject to see more clearly. What is a local SEO? Clients typically look for a product or service that is sold in their city, or closer to their home or place of work. For companies that therefore have a site, it is important to do the local SEO.

It is a subcategory of natural referencing, whose objective is to make visible a company or its site locally. The principle is simple: to position a site on the local search results on the search engines. This kind of referencing is especially essential for e-commerce sites. It has been shown that most of the research done on Google is targeted at local markets. Indeed, 4 out of 5 Internet users looking for information on a product or service prospect locally. So it is very essential for a company to put all the odds on their side, and not let any client pass. However, in order to succeed in local referencing, you must deploy specific or general actions.


The strategies to adopt to have a better local SEO

Google has established an algorithm called "rankings factors" to position each site. For a better site then, you just have to respect the referencing factors to position yourself on the front page. To do this, there are three specific recos: presence in commercial listings, consumer reviews, having a business profile on Google + or Google My Business. The commercial listing is used to recognize the authenticity of your business. It is therefore essential to register on different directories. If you lack reliability, you risk being punished.

Google gives a lot of importance to consumer reviews, because it's like some kind of proof in order to know the quality of services. The more positive opinions you have, the better the SEO will be. Finally, for the Google My Business, it is a service for companies wishing to boost their local SEO. Indeed, it allows you to be visible also on Google Map. To have more solutions to do this, you can always ask the help of a professional as a communication agency Toulouse.

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