By : Jean-Philippe Dauphinais

07 august 2017

Google Posts : a new way to reach customers.

I hope you are familiar with the Google my business interface, otherwise this article is not for you! We will talk about the new addition of Google (not so new: June 2017) to their interface of presentation of your ''business'' on the search engine.

What is a Google Post? Before going any further, here is an example:

If you notice, under the standard information of the company (address, phone, etc) there is now a suitable section allowing to publish messages directly on Google. It can be filled with elements such as:

  • Book,

  • Registration,

  • Buy,

  • To learn more,

  • Claiming an offer,

These "call-to-actions" allow to promote an element directly under your primary information of your company in addition to improving the organic reach of your website. This is another plus element that will influence your positioning but most importantly will be a keypoint to spreading information on search engines.

How do I create a Google Post?

It’s pretty simple and those familiar with the interface ''Google My Business'' will bite their fingers not to have seen it before! Here's how :

Go to: Google my business and in the menu under the home you will see the tab ''Post'' which is also underlined with the notification ''New''. Go to this place and you will find all the Google posts you have made and the new ones you will want to create.


You will be able to create these publications with the help of an image and a text of 100 to 300 words. Add a title and a call to action and you're done! Small point to notice, according to Google (July 7, 2017) publications are only visible for 7 days. Unless you add a start and end date (such as an event).

*Cheat mode* indicate that you are offering a promotion or a particular product for an extended period so as not to repeat them every week!

Add a URL to your event and send your users exactly where you want it. In our case, we had a nice mention of Infopresse and we decided to add a Google Post for this purpose. The "learn more" button directs people to the article.


As if all this was not already fantastic enough, we have the statistics of the posts with the total views!


So no matter the type of business you should consider strongly the use of these publications that will positively influence your SEO and especially give you credibility online!


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