By: Jean-Philippe Dauphinais

Ad frequency and Ad blindness01 november 2017

One of the important concepts for every ad whether traditional or online: each individual being exposed to an online advertisement will have a different way of reacting to it. Some will be attracted ...

By: Nicolas Rabouille

The transparency of your web agency26 september 2017

What is the best way to start a weekend camping debate with friends? Clearly, it is to try to start a fire. There will always be someone who will eventually say, "Well, no! It is not like that! ...

By: Jean-Philippe Dauphinais

Google Posts : a new way to reach customers07 august 2017

I hope you are familiar with the Google my business interface, otherwise this article is not for you! We will talk about the new addition of Google (not so new: June 2017) to their interface of ...

By: Nicolas Rabouille

How to build your Facebook ads06 june 2017

Many entrepreneurs realize that Facebook Advertising is a must to increase the visibility, credibility and sales of their business. Facebook Ads are accessible to everyone with a 'Business ...

By: Francis Jobidon

How to help your sales force convert leads from paid traffic (SEM)27 june 2017

The ability to acquire leads through paid search is important, but the ability of your sales force to convert these leads directly impacts the return on investment of a campaign. For many ...

By: Francis Jobidon

Why are landing pages essential?01 june 2017

As a company, we all make continuous efforts to generate traffic and interest in our services, but what do you do to convert your visitors into potential customers? Do you send them to your homepage ...

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